GMP+ Registered Laboratory


GMP+ Registered Laboratory is new requirement for feed safety - Laboratories that analyze critical contaminants for GMP+ FSA certified companies (B1, B1.2, B2 and B3), shall be GMP+ registered, starting July 1, 2019.


Registered Laboratory program for GMP+ FSA certified companies:
GMP+ B11: standard containing the requirements for registration and verification of laboratories
GMP+ BA11: appendix containing the performance criteria for registered laboratories, based on European legislation and ISO standards.

This new program is exclusively meant for four (4) critical contaminants, being:
•Aflatoxin B1,
•Dioxins/dioxin-like PCBs/ non-dioxin-like PCBs,
•Deavy metals,

Laboratories can choose for which of the contaminants they want to register for. GMP+ Registered Laboratories shall meet the following performance criteria for their contaminant(s) of choice:
•LOQ (limit of quantification),
•Measurement uncertainty.

They also shall participate in Proficiency testing.

Why GMP+ Registered Laboratory?
  • For companies that are GMP+ FSA B1, B1.2, B2 or B3 certified, this change means that from July 1, 2019.
  • These companies can only use GMP+ Registered Laboratories for the analysis of the critical contaminants.
  • URS is licenced partner of GMP+ Register Laboratory Program

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