SSIP - Safety Schemes in Procurement act as an "umbrella" organization to boost and assist in the progress of Health and Safety assessments between SSIP Member Schemes where it is feasible to do so - SSIP recognizes as a base Standard ISO 45001.


The benefits of SSIP reduce the overall encumbrance and cost of health and safety pre-qualification tendering of suppliers and buyers. The forum endeavours to give guidance and influence buyers on the benefits of using a SSIP scheme member and SSIP services. It helps buyers and suppliers to avoid unnecessary duplication or contrasting Health and Safety assessment requirements and encourages standardisation of pre-qualification criteria (including PAS 91).

SSIP acknowledges the International Standard 45001 as a structured means of managing health and safety within an organization.

Currently, SSIP is a scheme for the United Kingdom.

Certified organisations can promote themselves as certificate holders in their promotional materials and can include the URS certification logo free of charge. In addition, use the SSIP designated logo.

  • Assists customers reduce evaluations and paperwork when selecting suitable suppliers with health and safety management systems.

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