Technical quality inspections & expediting


We offer independent technical quality inspections & expediting that are very important in order to minimize the risks in the supply chain. They reduce costs and potential delays, improve the quality and safety of products that meet customer requirements, local and international standards.


Technical quality inspections:

•Independent inspection at suppliers’ premises on behalf of the client;
•Witnessing all the technological processes such as: NDT, welding, stress tests, functional tests, heat treatment, coatings, etc.;
•Continuous quality control in accordance with the manufacturer's inspection and test plan (ITP);
•Check of the manufacturer's used measurement and instrumentation equipment
•Checking of the qualifications of the manufacturer's testing staff;
•Evaluation of test results;
•Quality control according to international or local standards;
•Product inspection affecting quality e.g.: quantity, dimensions, accuracy;
•Document control, final manufacturer documentation;
•Packaging inspection and labeling of the product;
•Inspection during loading or unloading;


•Independent expediting at suppliers’ premises on behalf of the client;
•Supervising the manufacturer's processes to verify the capacity and organizational level required to meet the customer's contract;
•Comparison of the manufacturer's schedule with the current order status;
•Control of subcontracting;
•Regular review of the order status and its progress;

Why Technical quality inspections & expediting?
  • Manage risks, increase profits and meet commitments: through individual or integrated solutions for each aspect of the supply chain;
  • Minimize risks during production and thereby increase its safety and quality;
  • Ensure your products are following standards and specifications you provide;
  • Observe delivery dates;
  • Comply with complex legislative requirements: including standards and regulations at national and international level relating to the production and sale of goods;
  • Ensure delivery of products in the same condition as found at the time of loading, and the unloading check includes the same safety controls in accordance with the control documents;

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