Supplier control


- Control of products before delivery; - Crash test; - Specification control; - Control of the sizes; - Packing and labeling control; - The inspected item is screened for cleanliness; - Real-time information about the condition of your goods allows you to make immediate decisions about whether to accept or reject them; - Check all technological process: production, manufacturing, packaging and shipment from the warehouse. - Laboratory services to ensure ingredient quality and safety. We test products in laboratories to guarantee the ingredients used meet the highest quality and safety standards; - Health and safety inspections and customized audits;


We offer supplier control services to help the customer be confident in the quality and safety across the supply chain.

Certified organisations can promote themselves as certificate holders in their promotional materials and can include the URS inspection logo free of charge.

Why Supplier control?
  • - Manage risks, increase profits and fulfill obligations: through individual or integrated solutions for every aspect of the supply chain of product.
  • - Quality and safety control at all stages : inspection warehouses for cargo storage, inspection the cleaning, sampling, weight checking and laboratory testing.
  • - Observe complicated legislative requirements: including norms and regulations of the state and international level relating to the production and sale of cargo.
  • - Maintaining of international trading.
  • - Using testing, verification, audits, inspection and validation, we ensure your products are compliant, giving you the assurance you need to trade with confidence.

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