Stock Monitoring


- Checks of warehouses; - Control of collateral; - Inspection of quantity and quality of goods; - Damage Surveys; - Transparent evaluation of the inventory for financial reports, excise duty and loans; - Compliance with national and other regulatory requirements; - Data to help plan and manage your purchasing and stock administration; - Rapid calculations of inventory, including daily provisional reports; - Inspection of weight, size, cleanliness and analytical tests; - Inspection of packaging and marking; - Ensures that damage or loss is recorded; - Issue certificate of acts of inventory on the basis of verified and agreed figures; This kind of inspection is in demand by: - Banks; - Credit and leasing organizations; - Large holdings; - Audit companies;


Stock monitoring agreement (SMA) services include a system that can trace and inspect goods throughout the supply chain, minimizing trading and transaction risk . Sometimes, the financing party in a transaction does require strong control over the commodities by a third party. Monitoring stocks involves witnessing the movement, care and condition of the commodities being traded. We can protect your investments by inspection that stock levels.

Certified organisations can promote themselves as certificate holders in their promotional materials and can include the URS inspection logo free of charge.

Why Stock Monitoring?
  • - Manage risks, increase profits and fulfill obligations: through individual or integrated solutions for every aspect of the supply chain of product;
  • - Maintaining of international trading;
  • - Find out the level of stocks in warehouses;
  • - Ensures that damage, loss or other issues are identified as quickly as possible and remedial actions.
  • - issuance of a certificate based on inventory results;
  • - We provide the independent control and assurance which allows banks and the finance world to provide loans and letters of credit to those who trade, by independently assessing and assuring that the traded goods are indeed what the parties expect them to be, in the specified quantity;

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