Pre-shipment inspection (loading / unloading)


We offer control services during рre-shipment inspection loading / unloading. Pre-shipment inspection of cargo is undertaken to determine and document the condition of the cargo at this time. This inspection is commonly referred to as the pre-loading survey. The goal is not only to ensure the carriage of exactly the goods that passed the final spot checks, but also to prevent improper transportation, which can lead to increased costs.


- Inspections of International Trading;
- Inspection of quantity and quality of goods;
- Tare control;
- Weight Control;
- Loading / unloading control ;
- Sampling;
- Sealing;
- Inspection of marking;
- Documenting any damage detected at loading/unloading time;
- Photo report;
- Temperature control;
- Cleaning control warehouse, tank, containers, wagons, cars and other;
- Damage Surveys
- Checking of external and internal conditions of wagon or container operation;

Certified organisations can promote themselves as certificate holders in their promotional materials and can include the URS inspection logo free of charge.

Why Pre-shipment inspection (loading / unloading)?
  • - Manage risks, increase profits and fulfill obligations: through individual or integrated solutions for every aspect of the supply chain of cargo;
  • - Quality and safety control at all stages : inspection warehouses for cargo storage, inspection the cleaning, sampling, weight checking and laboratory testing, loading/unloading wagons, containers;
  • - Observe complicated legislative requirements: including norms and regulations of the state and international level relating to the production and sale of cargo;
  • - Maintaining international trade;
  • - Visual estimation of the cargo condition and verification of the cargo “loading readiness”;
  • - Sealing cargo to reduce the risk of hacking, theft and substitution;
  • - Ensuring the delivery of products in the same condition as was established at the time of loading and the unloading control includes similar container safety checks in accordance with the control documents;

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