Laboratory testing


Any kind of independent laboratory tests - Electrical Equipment; - Agricultural and Food groups (Physical and technological analysis, Elements / Metals, Mycotoxins, Microbiology, Chemical); - Industrial direction; - physical and technological analysis; - Safety testing; - Expert results evaluation; - Automotive Testing; - Biofuels Testing; - Chemical Testing; - Contamination Detection and Analysis; - Environmental Testing; - Health & Beauty Testing; - Materials Testing; - Mineral Testing; - Packaging Testing (packaging testing services include quality determination, evaluation, troubleshooting, certification, auditing and food contact testing); - Bioanalysis Services; - Polymers & Plastics Testing; - Textile & Apparel Testing;


The basis for further development is to ensure the superiority of your products and services over what your competitors offer on the market. At the same time, maintaining and improving quality becomes a constant task. Our services related to quality control extend to processes, products and services. Ensuring that your products comply with the current safety standards and guarantee the absence of harmful substances are extremely important for including products in the supply chain or bringing them to the market.

Certified organisations can promote themselves as certificate holders in their promotional materials and can include the URS inspection logo free of charge.

Why Laboratory testing?
  • - Manage risks, increase profits and fulfill obligations: through individual or integrated solutions for every aspect of the supply chain of product;
  • - Confirm Quality and Safety products;
  • - Professional services, providing the necessary level of information openness in order to ensure that your products comply with existing standards and requirements;
  • - Maintaining international trade;

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