Construction supervision of industrial plants


We offer a wide range of experts on your on-going construction, who will manage quality control of the activities performed by your contractors on the construction site, documentation control, health & safety supervision etc.


Technical supervision of the construction part in various areas:

- NDT & welding
- HS&E
- Installation of various mechanical and electrical equipment
- Construction work such as: excavation, concreting, grounding.
- Documentation and drawings

Acceptance of material and products
Supervision of contractors’ activities and qualifications of their employees performing construction activities, non-destructive testing, wiring, etc.
Compliance with standards, applicable building regulations and quality standards

Why Construction supervision of industrial plants?
  • Manage risks, increase profits and meet commitments: through individual or integrated solutions for each aspect of the supply chain;
  • Minimize technical errors during construction through continuous supervision.
  • Ensure that all work performed is in accordance with the technical documentation and building permit;
  • Comply with standards, applicable building regulations and quality standards;

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