We offer the full range of agricultural commodity inspection services. As a trusted third-party inspector, we identify issues at source before they become a problem . Agriculture and the food industry are probably the most important industries in the world. The consumer needs a guarantee of safety and high quality at all stages of production and sales.


- Laboratory analysis of agricultural products;
- Quality control of goods and products;
- Quality control of biomass, biofuel, fertilizers;
- Analysis of the residual content of pesticides, toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances;
- Detection for the presence of GMOs;
- Preparation of fresh vegetables and fruits for sale and production of ready-made food products;
- Warehouse cleanliness;
- Sampling;
- Weight inspection;

Certified organisations can promote themselves as certificate holders in their promotional materials and can include the URS inspection logo free of charge.

Why Agriculture?
  • - Manage risks, increase profits and fulfill obligations: through individual or integrated solutions for every aspect of the supply chain of agricultural and food products;
  • - Quality and safety control at all stages : inspection warehouses for product storage, inspection the cleaning, sampling, weight checking and laboratory testing;
  • - Observe complicated legislative requirements: including norms and regulations of the state and international level relating to the production and sale of agricultural and food products;
  • - Maintaining of international trading;
  • - Properly organize the storage, shipment, packaging and distribution of: raw materials, food ingredients and food products;

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